Perin-Mowen Beeswax Candles

About our Beeswax Candles

Perin-Mowen Inc. has been hand rolling 100% beeswax candles since 1985. Our goal is is to make a candle that will burn well with a beautiful natural glow for you to enjoy for hours. We have a variety of candle sizes, pillar candles and dinner tapers. We are happy to customize any size you would like. We always source our beeswax, cotton wicks, our boxes and lids from companies in the USA. We love the Danish concept of hygge, finding joy in the simple moments in life. What better way to do that than lighting our beeswax candles,  creating a warm and cozy ambience for any room. Once you've burned a Perin-Mowen candle, it's hard to go back to anything else.

Why 100% Natural Beeswax

No other material burns like pure beeswax. Beeswax is clean burning, giving off negative ions that can help to clean the air. When beeswax candles burn, the negative ions can attached to positive ions, like dust, molds and pollens acting like a natural  air purifier.


  • For the best burning candle make sure your candle is located  in an area free from drafts. 
  • The first few times you burn our pillars it is recommended to let the candle burn for one hour per diameter of the candle. For our Classic Pillars,3 inches in diameter, burn them at least 3 hours for the first few burns. Doing this will minimize the candle from tunneling. 
  • Our dinner candles should always be trimmed to 1/4 of an inch before relighting.
  • Never blow out a candle, use a snuffer or something similar to extinguish the flame, this eliminates the wick from smoking.
  • ALWAYS place candles on or in  a flame/ heat resistant holder.
  • NEVER leave a candle unattended.

Contact Us


Whether its a questions or a special order, let us know!


Don’t hestiate to ask us something. Email us directly or call us at 831-425-4882. We can help you with an questions, orders, or help customize your order!

Custom Orders/Wholesale

Perin-Mowen offers our customers the opportunity to proudly advertise their company logo through private label packaging and personalized gifts. Call us about corporate gifting.



Orders ship Ground within 2 business days either USPS or UPS.

If you need your shipment expedited we will do our best to facilitate your needs. Extreme cold weather may delay your shipment as beeswax can be very fragile in the cold. We always contact our customers if any delay is anticipated.

We do our best to reduce, recycle and reuse all packaging.


If you have are not satisfied with the color or size of the candles you purchased we will accept returns. Please note the following points when considering a return:

  • Please call us first to get approval for the return.
  • Once the product is returned to us in excellent condition we will issue a credit or return. There may be a small handling/restocking fee for returned items.
  • We will only refund the purchase price. Please note this does not include the shipping cost in either direction.
  • Refunds can only be made on undamaged, unused merchandise.
  • If your candles arrive damaged due to shipping or any defect, we will gladly replace or refund you for your purchase.

Please contact us at 831.425.4882 or

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